Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of this vision campaign?

The purpose of this campaign is to raise funds to remodel and expand our facility and increase our community reach. 

How much will the improvements cost? 

We have designed the improvements and are entering the process to get a precise bid. Our consultant with Church Coach Ministries has estimated the improvements range at 1.5 million to 2 million, depending on finishes selected. 

How will the funds be raised? 

Funds will be raised in a variety of ways. There will be an internal aspect of Reaching Forward. Currently the people who currently attend RAC have pledged $315,000 over a three year period. There will be an external aspect of the campaign as well and we will reach out to those who have attended Rome Alliance Church in the past, and those who are still invested in our ministry. There will also be the opportunity for businesses and the community to participate through one-time gifts. 

Will there be opportunity to raise additional funds outside the church walls? 

Yes, Rome Alliance Church will be meeting with different companies to gain partnerships in our three fundraising goals. We will also, explorer other avenues such as: Intentional Asks through prayerful consideration, alumni participation, and community connections among others. 

If I decide to give, how long would I be making this pledge? 

The duration of the giving period will be three years, however, donations can also be a one-time gift. For the Alumni Campagin we are asking people to give a one-time gift or over a one year period. 

What if my financial situation changes after I make my commitment? 

While we hope that won't happen for you, we understand that the future is unknown. If your situation changes, you and your family would determine the most appropriate response. As this is a commitment between you Lord, we trust you will prayerfully work through it with the Lord. 

Will I get a tax receipt for my donations? 

Yes, all funds donated to the Reaching Forward fund will receive the same tax receipting as any other giving to Rome Alliance Church. 

Is this commitment/pledge in addition to my normal giving?  

Yes. We’re asking that whatever you pledge for the 3-year-period would be over and above your normal giving. We use the General Operating Fund, where your normal tithes and offerings are placed, for the day-to-day operations of the church. The funds pledged for Reaching Forward will be placed in a separate fund to be used solely for the purposes listed in question 3. 

Can my employer match my gift if they have a matching program? 

The business would receive a donation receipt for tax purposes the same as an individual donor. You may need to look at the regulations for your employer's matching funds. We would be happy to help however we can. 

Where can I get further information about Reaching Forward? 

Reach out to Pastor Bryce at or Jodi Meola our Campaign Dircector at